Call for help to implement local plan

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Councillors last week formally adopted the controversial Midlothian Local Development Plan, despite some disappointment at the lack of support to deal with a growing population.

Councillor Russell Imrie (Lab) is worried that local infrastructure will not keep up with the increasing housebuilding in the county.

He said: “When we adopt this plan today, just to put that warning out to everybody including government that we can’t do everything through the local plan on our own. Infrastructure has been a topic of debate in this chamber many many times. General practitioners has been debated in this chamber many times. We can’t resolve that.

“If there is any government ministers listening please do something to help us out. We don’t have all the tools and all the instruments to deliver on all that is needed for our communities throughout Midlothian.

“I don’t know if this will fall on ears that are listening or ears that are deaf.

“All I can say to people out there is we need your help, we can’t do it alone. We don’t have the finances to do it, and even if we did I am not so sure we would have the ability to do it.

“The local plan is important for our communities to know what’s in the local plan, and it’s important for other outside bodies, in particular government, to know that if we are going to grow Midlothian then we need them to support that growth.”

Cllr Colin Cassidy (SNP) said: “I would just like to welcome this. I would also like to thank my previous SNP colleagues and officers for the creation of this plan. It has been a mammoth task for all those involved in bringing it together and I now look forward to it being published.”

Despite Cllr Imrie’s concerns the plan was adopted by Midlothian Council without any formal opposition.