Calls for action on potholes

Potholed roads in Midlothian - George Drive, Loanhead
Potholed roads in Midlothian - George Drive, Loanhead

Jeremy Balfour MSP has called for action in tackling Midlothian’s growing problem with potholes.

The Scottish Conservatives have launched a national pothole campaign, ‘Save Our Roads’, to raise awareness of the state of Scotland’s roads. The campaign is being led by Conservative Holyrood transport spokesman Jamie Greene MSP, who is calling for a £100 million Pothole Action Fund to be established to help tackle the growing problem.

In Midlothian, £96,985 has been claimed in compensation in the last 10 years.

Mr Balfour believes that this surge in compensation has put Midlothian Council in the impossible cycle of not having enough money to repair the roads but still having to shell out to pay for repairs to vehicles. He said: “After years of neglect Scotland’s roads are in a shocking state, over a third are in need of repair. We have 154,000 potholes in Scotland, more than any other part of the UK and more than Wales and Northern Ireland combined.

“Road users in Midlothian are sick and tired of excuses for not tackling the appalling state of our local roads.

“I urge people to send in details and photos of potholes in their area to to voice their support for this campaign and to bring the dreadful state of our local roads to the attention to the Scottish Government.”