Community welcomes return to face-to-face meetings with police

Chief Inspector Kenny Simpson.
Chief Inspector Kenny Simpson.

Mayfield Community Council has welcomed police plans to re-open face-to-face dialogue with local people following the closure of stations.

Newbattle Police Station, along with Bonnyrigg and Gorebridge police stations, was closed to the public three years ago.

Speaking at last week’s Mayfield and Easthouses Community Council’s meeting, chairman Robert Hogg said: “It would be good to be able to approach officers in private with any concerns.

“Obviously technology is there for communicating with the police but it’s nice to have face-to-face contact.

“Maybe MADET has a room available for an hour during the day, maybe here (McSence Business Park) or the church. Those could be three places in Mayfield for the public to speak to the police face-to-face.

“There has got to be a balance as people might want some privacy. It all depends on what times the police are available. And there would need to be a good solid publicity campaign for it as well.”

Chief Inspector Kenny Simpson said: “To ensure we have an increased police footprint in Midlothian, we will be seeking to identify several premises within each area where local community officers can co-locate and host regular surgeries or drop-ins such as local libraries, community centres, leisure facilities, etc.

“This will allow local residents far greater access to local officers .”