Competition points the way at Dalkeith High

From left, Jack Thomson (vice-captain), Lucy Walkingshaw (captain), Eilidh Cameron (captain) and Ryannie  Scullion (vice-captain) from the Buccleuch House.
From left, Jack Thomson (vice-captain), Lucy Walkingshaw (captain), Eilidh Cameron (captain) and Ryannie Scullion (vice-captain) from the Buccleuch House.

Labor Vincit: “Hard Work Prevails”. This is the motto for Dalkeith High School. It holds true as much today as it did when the original school first opened its doors to pupils in 1914, writes Dalkeith High head teacher Allyson Dobson.

Hard work is one of the key values that we seek to develop in our pupils as we believe that it leads towards better learning, attainment and achievement. I am sure that you will agree it is a value that will stand pupils in good stead throughout their lives.

In my first year as headteacher at Dalkeith High I have been impressed by how the hard work of our pupils has paid off. The success of our S5 pupils in SQA qualifications is at an all-time high, with continued improving trends in all other measures. Pupils take part in many wider achievement activities, such as sports, providing them with opportunities to grow in confidence and develop other skills for learning, life and work. The house points system has been reinvigorated this session with pupils gaining points for involvement in a variety of wider successes. I have been amazed by the many and varied talents of our people; please take a look at our school website for a flavour of those amazing achievements. Buccleuch House won the house points competition this session; pupils in S4 to S6 were rewarded with a trip to Alton Towers, with the younger pupils heading off to Blair Drummond Safari Park.

It is appropriate at this point to recognise the hard work of the teaching and support staff at the school. Someone once said that the greatest resource that a headteacher has is their staff and that is certainly the case at Dalkeith High School. Seldom will you find a school where so many members of staff are willing to “go the extra mile” to support pupils in their learning, both in the classroom and beyond. Visitors to the school regularly comment on the warm, inclusive ethos and the positive relations between staff and pupils which provide the right climate for successful learning.