Councillor’s motion to park Midlothian dog waste?

Stock photo. Dog Waste bin in Loanhead 19/6/17
Stock photo. Dog Waste bin in Loanhead 19/6/17

Midlothian Council has unanimously passed a motion which is looking to address the rising level of litter, dog fouling and problem parking in the area.

The motion, lodged by Scottish Conservatives councillor Kieran Munro, was passed by the council at a meeting held last week.

As a result, the council will now launch a feasibility study into merging the roles of parking warden and dog fouling warden in order to create a new role which will be able to deal with both issues.

The idea has been used by other local authorities across Scotland in a bid to give Community Enforcement Officers a bigger mandate to tackle litter, dog fouling and parking.

Cllr Munro has argued that the measures will allow a more efficient use of officers and that the measures could lead to a reduction of both problem parking and littering across Midlothian.

The motion by the Midlothian South ward councillor also advocated an investigation into whether on-the-spot fines for these offences would assist in decreasing the number of instances where littering and problem parking is reported.

Ahead of the next council debate on the matter, set to take place next month, Cllr Munro highlighted how he believed these measures would provide value for money for Midlothian taxpayers as well as an opportunity to invest in local communities.

He said: “Midlothian Conservative councillors have once again led the way in achieving value for the Midlothian taxpayer.

“If our venture is a success we will see community enforcement officers issuing fines for littering and irresponsible dog owners, whilst putting money back into our communities, as monies collected could be used to invest in the area where a fine has been issued.”

Parking problems in our town centres and dog fouling issues in our parks and on our paths have long been hot topics in Midlothian.

Commenting on these proposals to merge the roles of parking warden and dog fouling warden in Midlothian, Michelle Ballantyne (Con), List MSP for South Scotland, praised the initiative from Midlothian Council and highlighted the importance of preserving clean space.

She said: “Midlothian is home to a lot of beauty, and nobody wants to see our streets paved with litter or dog fouling.

“This is why I am greatly encouraged by Midlothian Council passing the motion put forward by my Conservative colleague, Kieran Munro.

“I look forward to seeing the results of the feasibility report and we can ensure Midlothian is clean whilst continuing to provide good value for the taxpayer.”