Dalkeith man books the left

Phil Dunn with his first book, Absolutely Essential Book of Jokes About the Left (The Choir Press)
Phil Dunn with his first book, Absolutely Essential Book of Jokes About the Left (The Choir Press)

Dalkeith-born author Philip Dunn has released his first book, aimed at turning the tables on the left and left-wing comedians in particular.

Released by Choir Press last month The Absolutely Essential Book of Jokes About the Left lampoons, satirises, and mocks the left.

Now living in Wales, Philip (68), who describes himself as centrist, is delighted with his first book. He said: “I have had the approval and endorsement of writers I admire. Quite well-respected figures in political fields. That’s important to me, to have the approval of my peers.

“I feel strongly about the issues. I don’t feel the political culture in Britain has changed. I think we as British citizens have got more grounds for feeling better about ourselves and I think history has been used as a stick to beat our present with.

“A lot of it is not a bundle of laughs, some of it is. I firmly believe it’s primarily satirical with a lot of wit.

“I’m turning the tables, not only on the left, but on left-wing stand-ups as well.”

Philip hopes to change perspectives with the book.

He said: “For those interested in politics and want to know more about anarchism and Neo-Marxism my book is sharp but also very imaginative. Illumination is what it is all about. When I look at our past I think of a more nuance perspective than Marxist.

“We have more grounds for being proud of our history, I do not think it’s as bad as the Marxist and far left stand ups would have us believe.

“In the last couple of years people are asking questions about the emergence of the far left and are beginning to wonder. My book is about identifying what constitutes the far left.”

And as for writing his first book, Philip added: “I loved writing it. I was at it for about two and a half years researching, writing, it took over my life. I have a lot of original material in the book , I liked finding new angles on the subject. A lot of it is about lampooning.

“It’s still early days for sales, hopefully the Christmas rush will bring more sales and positive reviews.”