Dalkeith youth disorder linked to drinking

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Boozed-up youths have been causing “bedlam” in Dalkeith according to a local Police Sergeant.

Giving his monthly report at the June meeting of Dalkeith and District Community Council, Sergeant Colin Deans told members that the Woodburn area was being particularly affected.

He said: “A high percentage of calls throughout May were related to youth disorder with kids drinking, often at the Waterfall Park area. “That has hit really hard in the last few weeks. At the weekends it is bedlam come eight or nine o’clock. They seem to be going into houses to drink and are causing disturbances afterwards.

“There has also been an increase in problems down at Dalkeith Country Park - they have moved there now to do their drinking. The main issue for this community council area is youths drinking, particularly in Woodburn.”

The problem, according to community councillor Ann Stewart-Kmicha, was being exacerbated by “a lack of facilities.”