Decriminalised parking starts today

Traffic wardens in Dalkeith town centre.
Traffic wardens in Dalkeith town centre.

Decriminalised parking has today (April 16) come into force across Midlothian.

The new system will see penalty charge notices (real parking tickets) issued to any vehicle committing a parking offence in Midlothian.

The formal introduction follows three weeks of warning flyers and dummy tickets being issued to illegally parked vehicles around the county.

Decriminalised parking enforcement, which makes parking offences a civil matter rather than a criminal one, has been introduced to help reduce illegal parking in Midlothian.

The system will be enforced by three parking attendants who will manage parking restrictions, such as yellow lines, bus stops, areas around schools, disabled bays etc.

Councillor John Hackett (Lab), cabinet member for commercial operations, said: “I am delighted to see the new parking system in Midlothian officially begin. Decriminalised parking will play a vital role in helping us reduce inconsiderate parking across Midlothian, ensuring people can safely access important amenities such as schools, shops and health centres.

“By improving congestion through parking restrictions and enforcement, the new system can also help regenerate our town centres.”

More information about the introduction of decriminalised parking in Midlothian can be found at,