Eventful year for Bonnyrigg group

The David Dunn Fitness Trail, which opened earlier this year.
The David Dunn Fitness Trail, which opened earlier this year.

Bonnyrigg and Lasswade Community Council’s chairman reflected on an eventful past year at his group’s AGM last month.

Darius Namdaran, who also stood down from his role at the meeting, spoke of his pride at what had been achieved.

He said: “It’s quite surprising when you stop and think about what we as a voluntary group who meet once a month can do for our community.”

Mr Namdaran spoke about the issues that the group had been involved in, including the opening of the David Dunn Fitness Trail in King George V Park, assisting residents opposed to the HS10 housing plans, the retention of the Lasswade telephone box used by health workers, and the consultation on the proposed Hopefield School Campus.

Mr Namdaran also highlighted a rise in the number of community councillors in the past year and the Scottish Government’s use of the group as an example of best practice.

He also referred to the successful residents’ forum set-up on Facebook by the community council, which now has 6,500 members.

Thanking fellow community council members at the King George V Park Pavilion, Mr Namdaran added: “That’s what our community council does, if you guys didn’t turn up these things would not happen. It’s very important, thank you very much.

“What Bill (MacDonald) did with the fitness trail was amazing. People are using it out there right now.

“Quite frankly I think we have done a pretty decent job this past year.”

Speaking about his own decision to step down as chairman after four years at the helm, Mr Namdaran added: “I think this is a good time to step back. I’m not leaving, I love chipping in and listening to what’s going on.

“I’m just not really good at keeping my eye on things like correspondence. I think it’s time we share that out a bit, it’s time we had a creative vacuum, and that’s what we have now got ahead of us.”