Five-year-old Loanhead girl runs laps around charity challenge

A five-year-old girl from Loanhead has raised hundreds of pounds for the charity Children 1st after being inspired to help others by the late Captain Sir Tom Moore.

Friday, 5th March 2021, 1:00 pm
Little Brooke Morris has been doing her charity challenge in her Straiton Ashgrove estate.
Little Brooke Morris has been doing her charity challenge in her Straiton Ashgrove estate.

Paradykes Primary School pupil Brooke Morris came up with the idea of doing 100 laps of her Straiton Ashgrove neighbourhood, and set up a just giving page with a modest target of £50.

In a matter of days she had raised an impressive £400 online, with locals cheering her on as she walks, cycles and scooters her way round the 500m route.

And, thanks to the recent better weather, Brooke is well on her way to completing her 50km challenge, crossing the halfway stage after just under a week.

Brooke out on her scooter for the challenge.

Her proud dad, Andrew Morris said: “We live in the new Taylor Wimpey estate at Straiton, just at the back of McDonalds. So she decided to do her challenge around our estate.

"It’s pretty much right round the whole estate for a lap. I would say that each lap is similar to that of a running track, slightly more perhaps.

"She started doing this at the weekend, with a two week target, and she has done 42 laps already.

"She’s done really well and I told her to take advantage of the great weather that weekend, so she did and made a great start on reaching her target.

"I’m so proud of her. It was all her idea. She was asking lots of questions about Captain Tom and said she wanted to do something for kids that aren’t as lucky as her.

"She has a really big heart, but this still kind of surprises us because she is only five!”

Andrew has been delighted with the community’s reaction. He said: "The support has been amazing. We originally put a target of £50, thinking she might raise £100. But lots of family and friends have donated. Even people we don’t know have given money.

"It’s been really good. Everyone is getting used to seeing her go round on her scooter. Her friend Farrah has joined her a couple of times.

"People are giving her encouragement when she goes past, it’s really nice.

"We have been blown away with both our daughter’s enthusiasm and drive for this, but also the response she has had.”