Forgotten men on new war memorial

Newbattle Parish Church WW2 memorials unveiled
Newbattle Parish Church WW2 memorials unveiled

A new WW2 memorial has been unveiled at Newbattle Parish Church, including the names of eight men not included on the local memorial.

The project, headed by local historian John Duncan, was funded by £1,000 of donations from the local community.

On Sunday two plaques were unveiled with the names of 54 local men and a Polish man who died in a training exercise at Newbattle Abbey (full list of names on our website).

John said: “It’s great, it marks the end of my seemingly never-ending campaign to have these men honoured locally. I have been in contact with some of the families whose relatives are not on the Newtongrange memorial, they’re delighted. Barry Jones’ daughter is in her 70s and still lives locally, she was pleased to be there on Sunday.

“There was no WW2 memorial in the church, there are three WW1 plaques, so I’m glad this is there now.”

The fundraising saw £300 raised online, £150 from McSence, as well funds from the sales of teas, coffees and home baking at the church.

John added: “The church were very supportive throughout, they were all for it. And they were happy to mark the sacrifice of the Polish soldier as he was staying in the parish when he died.

“I would like to thank everyone for their donation. We launched the fundraising campaign back in September so it was quickly raised.”

Full list of names on the WW2 memorial-

1 John F Allan RN 27 Alexander Hunter SH

2 James F Beveridge RA 28 James F Hughes SG

3 William H Bonsor RAOC 29 Robert L Jack

4 Alex Burnett SH 30 Barrie Jones RN

5 Peter Burnett RS 31 George C Johnston CSR

6 William Campbell QOCH 32 Charles C Law

7 Hector C Clark ASH 33 John Livingstone SH

8 John S Coleman RSF 34 Douglas MacKenzie

9 William Currie RAF 35 Malcolm McLean

10 James Dea RN 36 Peter J McLeod ASH

11 Edward B Dick GH 37 William Meek RAF

12 W R Dickson FMS 38 Robert Y Moffat RAOC

13 William Dodds RE 39 Thomas C Moffat RN

14 Harold Finlay MN 40 George Noble PR

15 Adam A Ford 41 John B Paxton MN

16 James C Forrest RN 42 Nicol Peacock SG

17 Ronald Fraser KOSB 43 George W Raper MN

18 Charles M Gowrie RASC 44 Ninian Roberts RSG

19 John Hadden RS 45 William A Scott RN

20 Andrew Haldane MN 46 Archie Thomson RE

21 Brodie D Haldane RAF 47 David Trist RN

22 Robert Hails HLI 48 John Webster MN

23 David Hamilton RAAF 49 Joseph White RN

24 John Herbert RN 50 Hugh Whitehead RNPS

25 James Holgate RE 51 Andrew D Wilson RN

26 David Hunter RN 52 William S Wilson RN

53 Zibigniew Kozlowski POL

54 Richard Scott RE

55 Dixon Gair GH