Guest column - Important to celebrate county’s rich heritage

Midlothian Provost Adam enjoying the local countryside with Talbot and his wee pal Jas.
Midlothian Provost Adam enjoying the local countryside with Talbot and his wee pal Jas.

It is a great honour to be the Provost of Midlothian and as the civic head of our county, I intend to be as inclusive as possible when carrying out associated duties, writes Councillor Adam Montgomery.

I have my political views and beliefs but I firmly believe the role of Provost is to represent and work with all groups, organisations and individuals in Midlothian when asked to do so. I believe I did this when I was Provost previously and I intend to do so again.

When I moved from Auchinleck to Danderhall in 1962 with my parents and brother, the 70 mile journey seemed like we were moving so far from home and good pals but as both villages then were mining communities, I immediately made many new friends, sharing an enjoyment of playing and watching football. Both villages also have a strong sense of community, which made the move from East Ayrshire that bit easier.

As a councillor in Penicuik since 1986, I feel I know the Cuikie community well. Having attended Dalkeith High School, worked as a housing officer for the National Coal Board, whose homes were all over Midlothian, I have a good base of local knowledge to work from. Our county is dear to my heart and soul.

I played amateur football across Midlothian and I still have pals from then, often seeing former team mates and opponents when out and about. We blether about old times when none of us ever had a bad game! And when either on council business, out socially or walking my dog Talbot, I enjoy meeting and talking to the folk who make Midlothian a great place to live .

The good citizens of Midlothian have a pride in our communities and this manifests itself at the numerous gala days and parades now taking place. And while it is important to celebrate our diverse cultural heritage, we must look to the future with our children at the forefront while ensuring our elderly are treated with dignity and respect.

As Provost of Midlothian, I am looking forward to carrying out my duties as civic head and to continue to represent all in our great diverse county .