Half the man he used to be

Adam Moffat with his wife Margaret and daughters Hannah, 13 and Holly, 9
Adam Moffat with his wife Margaret and daughters Hannah, 13 and Holly, 9

Sitting in bed with his wife, Adam Moffat was intrigued when she showed him a Facebook snap of a friend who had lost three stone.

At a whopping 25 stone himself, the HGV driver from Penicuik had tried – and failed – to lose weight on many occasions. But as well as knocking his confidence, Adam’s weight was now having a negative impact on his health and at just 43 years old the dad of two had developed high blood pressure and sleep apnea.

But seeing wife Margaret’s friend lose weight gave Adam the motivation to change his life, and just 31 weeks after starting his diet he is off all his medication, lost more than 12 stone -half his body weight- and some of his co-workers don’t even recognise him.

Adam said: “It is quite funny and is happening more and more. Also, it took me an hour and a half to walk round my local shop recently because people kept stopping me to talk about the weight loss.”

Adam, who is dad to Hannah (13), and Holly (7), followed the Cambridge Weight Plan - a diet based around protein shakes and delivered meals. Hannah and Holly have attended all of Adam’s Cambridge Weight plan appointments in Loanhead.

Hannah said: “For as long as I have been around my dad had been overweight and my mum was always worried about him.

“He had tried various diets and eating plans but he would lose a few stone then lose interest and soon all the weight went back on and more.

“At his first weigh-in he had lost 21lbs, he just about fell off the scales he was in shock. It was a standing joke throughout his journey that he would give the plan another week but in total my dad has lost 12 stone and 2lbs in 31 weeks and I’m super-proud of him.

“My dad hit his target of 13 stone. We all burst into tears. Then we jumped around with excitement for him. My dad did it, if he can anyone can.”

Adam’s weight loss also means he has been able to enjoy taking his daughters on shopping trips.

He said: “My older daughter does a lot of volunteering work, so I now take my younger daughter shopping when she goes. We are always laughing because I need to buy new clothes each time. I started off as 4XL, then 3XL, 2XL and now I am a M/L.”

His wife Margaret (40), added: “It’s been quite a year – he’s lost a whole person, his doctor couldn’t believe it. It’s also done wonders for his confidence.”