Heartbroken mum of Rose star left numb by killer’s sentence

Former Bonnyrigg Rose player Shaun Woodburn.
Former Bonnyrigg Rose player Shaun Woodburn.

The heartbroken mum of tragic Shaun Woodburn has been left “numb” after his killer was sentenced to just four years in prison.

Denise Syme spoke out after the 17-year-old, who cannot be named, was sentenced earlier this week for the culpable homicide of former Bonnyrigg Rose footballer Shaun during a New Year street fight.

Denise Syme - mother of murder victim Shaun Woodburn - has hit out at the length of sentence her sons kiler received

Denise Syme - mother of murder victim Shaun Woodburn - has hit out at the length of sentence her sons kiler received

She said: “I feel numb – four years is not enough. It’s an insult to my family and all of the other victims too.

“What kind of message are we sending to young people if you can kill someone and only get a four-year sentence?

“I’m glad it’s over as now I can forget how Shaun died and remember how he lived.”

The teenager denied causing Shaun’s death, but admitted assaulting five other people in Edinburgh that night. He was sentenced at Glasgow High Court after being found guilty at an earlier trial in Dunfermline of Shaun’s culpable homicide. He was tried for murder.

Within 24 hours more than 35,000 people had signed a petition arguing that the sentence does not represent justice.

The teen felled Shaun with a single punch outside Gladstones bar.

He struck despite it emerging he had come to police “attention” between 2014 and 2016 before taking part in “offence focused work”. He had also been kicked out of his school months before the attack.

Lady Stacey described this “history” of behaviour as “worrying”.

The judge told him: “Shaun Woodburn’s family will never be the same again – perhaps most poignantly a young daughter who has been deprived of her father.

“You have to live the rest of your life with the knowledge of this young man’s death.”

The teenager will also be supervised for a further 18 months after his release.

Derek Ogg QC, defending, said the killer had shown “undoubted remorse” for his conduct.

The court heard the teen thug had been a “mentor” to other young prisoners while on remand.

Co-accused Mohammed Zakariyah, 19, was ordered to carry out 240 hours of unpaid work. He had pled guilty to two assaults and a breach of the peace in connection with that night.