It all adds up for new teaching plan

Midlothian schools and colleges are to work more closely together to give students the best chance in life when they leave school.

The move will lead to colleges, universities and other training providers taking on a greater role in delivering the Curriculum of Exellence.

By offering tailored courses for secondary school pupils combined with new approaches to timetabling, Midlothian Council expects to save £420,000 by the 
end of the 2017/18 financial year.

Councillor Bob Constable (SNP) said: “The Curriculum for Excellence is leading schools to radically rethink the way they plan and organise learning for pupils.

“We want to offer pupils more curricular opportunities and one way to achieve that is by working more closely with further education establishments.”

He added that pupils would gain in “independence and confidence” by taking classes on a college campus whilst learning relevant career skills.

“Our new proposals could offer pupils more scope in securing the qualifications they need to get on in life while meeting new people in a new setting,” he added.

These savings, along with cash derived from reducing the property maintenance bill, means the council will be able to invest, over three years, an additional £3 million on children’s services and a further £4m on adult services.

The council also is looking to employ more childcare development workers in nurseries.