It’s a dog’s life for Roslin Tech specialists

Roslin Technologies, the UK’s specialist AgTech venture builder, is applying its stem cell expertise into improving the quality of life for dogs.

Friday, 11th September 2020, 11:28 am
Dr Ryan Taylor (standing) and Dr Joe Mee working in the Roslin Tech Laboratory.

Roslin Tech scientists have successfully created canine induced pluripotent stem cells in their laboratories. These stem cells can be turned into any type of cell within the animal’s body meaning that they can be applied to tackle a range of canine illnesses by assisting in the healing or replacement of damaged and diseased tissues and organs.

The cells could also be used to reduce the use of animals in drug screening.

Dr Ryan Taylor, a specialist in stem cell technology at Roslin Tech, has created mature-type brain cells from canine stem cells, opening the door to potential treatments for canine neurological disorders.

The team is also working with University of Edinburgh scientists to create bone from these cells, which could be exploited for the treatment of complex bone fractures.

Roslin Tech is also partnering with US-based regenerative animal medicine firm Likarda, supporting their development pipeline of therapeutics for canine diabetes.

“Our work is all about improving the quality of life for companion animals who are important members of many families,” said Dr Taylor.

“We are keen to work with interested parties to develop a range of therapeutic options for canine pets and working dogs.”

Roslin Tech’s scientific team is hoping it can advance its research to match the significant progress made in human stem cell technology.

“We are hoping that our cell products will allow us to mimic advances in clinical applications made with human stem cell therapies. In this way, we hope to contribute positively to the health and wellbeing of companion animals, which, in turn, could also have comparative biological implications for human stem cell therapeutics,” said Dr Joe Mee, head of laboratory sciences at Roslin Tech.

Roslin Tech is now looking for new partners with whom to collaborate on canine stem cell projects, including businesses looking to progress canine stem cell therapies and pharmaceutical companies looking to explore how these cells could be exploited for therapeutics’ screening.