Kabin meeting “disappointing”

The Kabin in Loanhead.
The Kabin in Loanhead.

Loanhead Community Council’s chairman has expressed frustration at last week’s emergency meeting with the chairman of the Kabin.

Pat Kenny had called on Colin Beattie MSP to explain why the community project had collapsed just seven years after opening in its custom-built home. However, he told the Advertiser he was no clearer about the situation.

He said: “They weren’t very forthcoming and never told us anything new. It wasn’t worth our while. We were very disappointed with the outcome of the meeting.

“We found no reasons for the failure of the Kabin, how the boards that ran it managed to use up all that money. We were told there are no lottery funds left which I find hard to believe. Nothing came out to say that the board or the previous board knew what was going on.”

Mr Kenny is hopeful that a group will be found to take on the Kabin to make a modest profit every year and “give the community an asset that belongs to them”.

He added: “We need something that we have confidence in as we are no further forward as to the reasons why the Kabin got into such difficulties.

“Hopefully new people come in with a completely clean slate. The gossip isn’t going to stop until we get any clarity and reasons to why it went wrong.”

Perspective groups wanting to take on the Kabin have until the end of the month to submit their plans to Midlothian Council and Big Lottery.