Loanhead company has staff at its heart

M-Pact Group staff Yvonne Jack, HR Manager and Sean Coleman, Contracts Manager, with the defib machine.
M-Pact Group staff Yvonne Jack, HR Manager and Sean Coleman, Contracts Manager, with the defib machine.

Loanhead building services specialist M-Pact Group has installed a defibrillator at its head office, to benefit staff and the wider community.

As well as helping protect the wellbeing of its 65 staff, the company is also benefiting locals by registering the life-saving equipment with both the Community Heartbeat Trust and the local ambulance service as part of plans for a National Defibrillator Network (NDN).

There are currently no defibs NDN registered in the nearby communities of Bilston, Straiton, Loanhead, Polton or Lasswade. It is estimated that there are 60,000 Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrests every year in the UK.

Martin Robertson, health and safety manager at M-Pact, explained that working with electricity is always potentially dangerous. He added: “The decision to install such a vital piece of equipment is in line with the duty of care which we owe to our employees and the importance which we attach to their physical and mental wellbeing. Without immediate treatment, almost all sudden cardiac arrest victims will die. If a defibrillator is used and effective CPR is performed within three to five minutes of cardiac arrest, their chance of survival increases significantly.

Speaking about the benefit to the local community, Martin said: “During office hours, the machine will be available to the local community through the NDN scheme, and our message to other companies in the area is that they should consider following suit and look at modern health issues and risk factors. It could save a life.”

M-Pact has also involved four key staff in the British Red Cross Defibrillator Training Course, which includes CPR training, and it has uploaded the location of the machine to the Scottish Ambulance Service and HeartSafe websites.

As part of its commitment to employee wellbeing, the company also recently invested several thousand pounds to ensure its workforce enjoys the highest possible standards of protection when operating in conditions which require fitted face masks.