Medium set to join TV star in Midlothian ghost hunt

Jimmy Devlin and Derek Acorah at the National Mining Museum in Newtongrange.
Jimmy Devlin and Derek Acorah at the National Mining Museum in Newtongrange.

Danderhall medium Jimmy Devlin will join an acclaimed TV ghost hunter in a special event at the National Mining Museum next month.

Derek Acorah’s Ghost Tour comes to the Midlothian tourist attraction on October 27. The event is Derek’s first port of call as he takes members of the public ghost hunting in venues up and down the UK.

Jimmy Devlin, along with Jan Murphy from Liverpool and Jackie Drummond from Mayfield, will join the former Celebrity Big Brother star in Newtongrange for the event.

Jimmy said: “I had Derek up here at the museum three years ago and I’m bringing him back. It’s going to be a big event. He is a personal friend of mine and he wanted to come back after the last visit.

“It’ll be a night of thrills, screams, bumps in the night and of course, a few laughs.

“Any opportunity I get to work with Derek I take it. His abilities are brilliant and he is a great showman. It’s good that he is coming back. I’m looking forward to travelling with him on the tour as well.

“Derek has his own slant on things when it comes to working and it’s one thing I enjoy.”

After previous ghost sightings at the mining museum Jimmy is expecting more.

He said: “The venue has provided visual and audio phenomena previously, this night I’m sure will be no different.

“The mining museum is so big. We are given six hours to cover everywhere but it’s not enough time. It’s just so big. There is more to explore.

“The majority of tickets are away. It was more or less sold out in the first week which is great. I can’t wait.”

Tickets for the event are £65 from