Mhairi is prepared for new badge arrival

Dalkeith woman Mhairi Mackay is promoting positive mental health with Girlguiding's new Think Resilient badge.
Dalkeith woman Mhairi Mackay is promoting positive mental health with Girlguiding's new Think Resilient badge.

A young Dalkeith woman attended a special training day for Girlguiding’s new mental wellbeing and resilience badge programme in Sheffield recently.

Mhairi Mackay (22) joined 100 fellow Girlguiding members, all aged 14 to 25, to receive training on how to deliver the new badge to girls in her area.

Developed by Girlguiding with support from youth mental health experts YoungMinds, Think Resilient uses interactive activities to help girls find positive ways of dealing with pressures and challenges in their lives.

The badge programme was created following requests from girls, and will be delivered by young women in a supportive peer environment.

As a member of Girlguiding’s innovative Peer Education programme, Mhairi will be able to deliver Think Resilient to girls and young women in her area.

Mhairi, a leader with the 8th Penicuik Brownies, said: “It was great to learn all about Girlguiding’s new mental wellbeing badge, as this is such an important issue for girls and young women today.

“I think it’s easier for girls to discuss issues like this with people their own age, and I’m looking forward to delivering this new programme to other girls in guiding.”

“This new badge responds to what the girls have said they want and need from guiding and I’m so proud to be a part of it.”

Girlguiding is committed to researching and responding to the key issues affecting girls today and Think Resilient is the latest addition to Girlguiding’s award winning Peer Education programme – following inspiring body confidence badge Free Being Me, launched in 2014.

The charity’s 600 Peer Educators will run sessions for girls in guiding groups across the UK, including Brownies (girls aged seven to 10), Guides (10 to 14) and the Senior Section (14 to 25).

The sessions will help girls to understand what resilience means, introduce techniques for positive thinking, celebrate their strengths and achievements, and identify their support networks.

Sessions will be run in a fun and interactive way, with activities tailored to different age groups. Activities include learning self-calming techniques and responding to ‘agony aunt’ letters by breaking problems down into small, solvable steps.

Girlguiding’s Chief Guide, Gill Slocombe, said: “Girlguiding listens to girls and we’ve created this inspiring new resource as a direct response to what girls told us they need.

“I’m very proud of the young women in guiding involved in developing and delivering this programme that will have such a hugely positive impact on thousands of their peers across the UK.”