Midlothian band set to rock festival

Midlothian metal band Disposable. Photo by Calum Sinclair Photography.
Midlothian metal band Disposable. Photo by Calum Sinclair Photography.

Midlothian-based metal band Disposable are set to play Scotland’s newest and biggest metal music festival this weekend in Edinburgh.

The four-piece will be one of just three bands representing Scotland at the Heavy Scotland festival at Edinburgh Corn Exchange on Saturday and Sunday. The inaugural event will host to metal bands from all across the world, with headliners Arch Enemy from Sweden and Behemoth from Poland. In total 16 bands will play across the two days.

Lead singer and bass player William said: “It’s the biggest gig we have done by quite a long way, we are buzzing.

“We have certainly paid our dues playing to small crowds in Edinburgh, we have been playing all over Scotland and did an English tour last year.

“It’s good to get the recognition, it feels like we are being trusted to represent Scotland. It’s a pretty big event.”

Disposable are William Robertson (23) from Dalkeith, Andrew Anderson (22) from Dalkeith, Liam Tucker (21) from Easthouses and Jack Batcharj (22) from Edinburgh. The three Midlothian members met at the Dalkeith School Campus. Since forming in 2011 they have released two EPs and one album.

William hopes the band makes the most of this opportunity, and get the chance to meet some of their heroes, he said:“It’s all about getting the crowd excited, we are playing second on the Sunday, out of eight bands, all of our usual crowd have picked up tickets.

“The headline bands have say one million plus followers on Facebook, they are big bands, I would be going to this even if we weren’t playing.

“We are getting all access backstage and there is a few bands that I really like and bands I was really into when I was younger and still am.”

William revealed that the band’s name came from the Metallica song ‘Disposable Heroes’, with Heroes dropped to avoid assumptions they were a Metallica tribute band.