Midlothian Council: Is your 2-year-old eligible for a free (funded) early learning and childcare place?

Midlothian Council is encouraging all families with a two-year-old child to check if they are eligible for a free (funded) place at a nursery, childminder or other setting.

Tuesday, 2nd March 2021, 6:00 am
Natasha Donaghy and her daughter Olivia.

One parent who has already is Natasha Donaghy.

All eligible 2-year-olds, like Natasha’s daughter Olivia, can now get up to 1140 hours of funded, high-quality early learning in a nursery, childminder or other setting.

Natasha would encourage people to apply for a place.

She said: “I think people think it is just for people on benefits but it’s not. I tell people to apply a lot as it’s certainly worth it.”

Find out more and apply at www.midlothian.gov.uk/good-time-2

Olivia goes to the Midlothian Sure Start Family Learning Centre in Mayfield from 8am to 12.15pm Mondays to Fridays.

Natasha says she loves the fact staff encourage Olivia to learn at her own pace. Everything is centred round Olivia’s needs as an individual, she adds.

Natasha added: “Olivia has basic verbal skills which means she can become frustrated although she handles it really well. She’s now picking up sign language to help her communicate and she’s also interacting with other children.”

Natasha was aware of the Good Time to Be 2 funded places because Midlothian Sure Start was already giving her support. Her middle daughter, Peyton, also had a Good Time to Be 2 funded place.

Natasha said: “She absolutely loved it. She came on leaps and bounds.”

Watch a short video of Natasha and Olivia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MX9w6Y5Q3s.