Midlothian/ Edinburgh band Fabric Bear are ready to roar

Fabric Bear, including Ryan Hunter (centre).
Fabric Bear, including Ryan Hunter (centre).

Midlothian/Edinburgh band Fabric Bear have released their fourth single, ‘Pop Song’, amid interest from a major record label.

The band’s frontman, Ryan Hunter from Pathhead, revealed more about the three-piece’s latest release, recorded at 7west Studios in Glasgow, by Chris Marshall and Johnny Madden. He said: “Pop Song basically does what it says on the packet. It’s a story about the beginning, middle and end of a brief relationship, which involves a period of excitement/sadness/stress that many people can relate to.

Fabric Bear.

Fabric Bear.

“It’s also a celebration of our decision to chase our love for chorus filled pop songs, as in the past we’d experimented with many different sounds but could never find a style that excited us. Our last single ‘Without You’ was a bit of an experiment to ourselves, to see if we could pull off playing a song like that.

“After it doing so well, we were itching to get back in and record what came next.

“This new song feels like a complete fresh start for some reason, especially after taking a recent break to decide what we wanted to do as a band.

“I’d just love for as many people to hear it as possible. Hopefully some locals get a kick out of Woodburn Club being on the artwork as well!”

And Ryan admitted that Fabric Bear are on the radar of major label Universal, home of massive acts including Taylor Swift and Maroon 5.

He said: “After releasing ‘Without You’ we’ve certainly had interest from some labels asking what our plans for the future are. We received a couple of emails from an A&R at Universal Publishing and I was really blown away that they even knew we existed!”

Ryan revealed Fabric Bear’s plans for the summer.

He said: “We’re supporting a really great band called ‘YAK’ at King Tut’s in Glasgow on Friday (April 12) and we have a few unannounced shows that will lead us up to the summer.

“We’ve got another couple of singles at the ready, as well as studio time booked in early May.

“‘Releasing an EP early summer’ is certainly a phrase being thrown around at the minute, but we don’t want to announce anything or make plans before we have one ready!

“Definitely a lot of music is coming out in the coming months however.”

Listen to Pop Song at https://open.spotify.com/album/5InJ49FPI23sy1iiaIjUH4