Midlothian General Election 2019 candidate - Owen Thompson (SNP)

Owen Thompson, the SNP Midlothian candidate for the General Election.
Owen Thompson, the SNP Midlothian candidate for the General Election.

Midlothian is my home, it’s where I live with my family, and it’s been an absolute privilege to have represented Midlothian as a former MP, council leader and councillor.

I’ve always been a local campaigner here, and my experience means I’m ready to take on the job from day one.

Since 2017, Parliament has been in chaos, the Westminster parties are broken – we need an MP that can focus on issues that really matter to Midlothian.

Brexit will be damaging to Midlothian, and I want to do everything I can to protect Midlothian from the harm that the Westminster parties are set on course to inflict here. With both Boris and Corbyn intent on negotiating away the rights of our friends from EU nations that live and work beside us, voting SNP has never been more important.

I will work hard for Midlothian, I want a chance to improve pensions, to improve the life chances of our young people and look out for our communities.

People want Brexit binned, and a focus on what matters here in Midlothian - ending austerity, eradicating child poverty and increasing and improving pay and conditions for workers.

Voting for an SNP MP on December 12th gives Midlothian the best of both worlds – strong representation at Westminster and a strong local voice that’s firmly focused on what happens here.