Midlothian Matters - Chipping is essential to cat care

Lothian Cat Rescue cares for hundreds of cat each year
Lothian Cat Rescue cares for hundreds of cat each year

Lothian Cat Rescue is a registered charity formed to help cats and kittens that have been abandoned, ill-treated, neglected or are unwanted for whatever reason, writes Nicola Zelent (Lothian Cat Rescue).

Rehoming the cats that are brought to the shelter is our number one priority and our policy is to never have a healthy cat put to sleep.

Every year, over 500 cats arrive at our shelter as strays. Sadly only a small proportion of these are successfully reunited with their owners. Many of these cats have clearly been loved family pets, but sadly they are not microchipped and so we have no way of contacting the owner.

Microchipping is safe, and is the only permanent way of identifying a cat as yours. A microchipped stray cat is significantly more likely to be reunited with its owners – and this reunion sometimes happens many months or even years after the cat disappeared!

Chipping your cat is straightforward. A qualified practitioner injects the chip – smaller than a grain of rice – under the skin between your cat’s shoulders.

It is no more painful than a vaccination injection, and once done the cat cannot feel the chip. This chip assigns a unique number to your cat, which is held on a national database, along with your contact details.

If your cat goes missing and ends up at a rescue centre or a vet, a handheld scanner will be used to check for a microchip. If one is found, the database will be contacted, and from there contact will be made with you.

Remember it is vital that you keep the details on your cat’s chip up to date – if you move house or change phone number get in touch with the database to let them know.

Lothian Cat Rescue views microchipping as an essential part of cat ownership, and all cats rehomed by us are microchipped. We are happy to advise on getting your cat chipped (or any other aspects of cat care) and we are able to offer a £10 microchipping service at our Bonnyrigg Shelter. Please contact us on 01875 821025 if you would like further details.

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