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Members of MIDSAFE
Members of MIDSAFE

MIDSAFE is an independent, community organisation that comprises of local residents and seeks to promote and enhance the aims of the Midlothian Community Safety Partnership, writes Lillias Reid.

Membership of MIDSAFE is open to all Midlothian residents and we are always open to welcoming new members who would like to work with local people... for the benefit of local people.

People have a right to feel safe from crime, disorder, danger, harm and harassment and acting as the advocates of many groups concerned about safety, we work to help people feel secure.

We provide a variety of safety information and direct people, when appropriate, to the relevant agencies to receive professional support.

We also help with practical advice, useful tips and safety items.

We approach residents at our stalls and roadshows or we can be directed to them by agencies and speak to service users, local groups etc.

For example, we recently embarked on a campaign to raise awareness regarding child safety and the safe use of liquid capsules.

We have also developed advice for people with a disability regarding the safe use of cash point, and dealt with such issues as bullying, meeting someone for the first time, safety at home and cold callers, keeping property and bikes safe and safety on the bus, as well as travelling on the bus in a wheelchair.

We would like to continue helping people and the groups we would like to target are young homeless people, victims of domestic abuse, vulnerable children and elderly living on their own and victims of hate crime.

Our choice of project is based on feedback as well as Midlothian profile – where the areas of greatest need and geographical areas of multiple depravation have been highlighted.

We are requesting funding to help us obtain items which we can then provide to people as part of a safety advice packet.

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