Midlothian MSP supports constituents plagued by cold calls

Efforts are being made to cut down on cold calls
Efforts are being made to cut down on cold calls

Midlothian North’s MSP is supporting efforts to cut down on nuisance telephone calls.

Colin Beattie (SNP) plans to raise the problem of nuisance calls in Midlothian with the new Nuisance Calls Commission.

He’s also inviting any constituents plagued by cold calls to get in touch.

Mr Beattie said: “Cold calling can be very distressing, particularly for vulnerable people across Midlothian – and can go as far as causing financial hardship and even leave people too scared to answer their phones.

“The Scottish Government has been taking action to prevent nuisance calls, and this new Nuisance Calls Commission will help give individuals and businesses more power to stop cold calling, whilst exploring if stronger regulation is necessary.

“The commission is an important step in helping to tackle the problem. Whilst the UK government announcement on banning pensions cold calling is welcome, more can be done to protect individuals – and the Scottish Government intends to use newly devolved powers to do what it can to prevent nuisance calls.”