Midlothian residents urged to back Lent appeal

Ricky Ross is backing this year's Wee Box appeal. Photo: John Devlin
Ricky Ross is backing this year's Wee Box appeal. Photo: John Devlin

People in Midlothian are being urged to give what they can to SCIAF’s WEE BOX, BIG CHANGE Lent appeal which raises money to help people in some of the poorest countries in the world.

They will be joining a host of Scottish stars who are backing the campaign including Deacon Blue’s Ricky Ross, comedian Des Clarke and broadcaster Kaye Adams.

Many volunteers and supporters in Midlothian kindly give their time, enthusiasm and donations to help SCIAF’s work with some of the poorest communities in the world.

Last year, £8,432 was raised by people in Midlothian including £3,051 in Penicuik and £1,107 in Loanhead.

Speaking in support of the appeal, Des Clarke said: “Every day millions of men, women and children face the daily challenge of not having clean water and enough to eat. By providing seeds, farm tools, food, and training, SCIAF is helping poor families to grow their way out of poverty and to build a better future. By supporting this year’s SCIAF WEE BOX Lent appeal you will be helping people who are hungry and struggling to get the life-changing help they need.”

The WEE BOX appeal was launched on Ash Wednesday and this year’s appeal tells the story of how SCIAF is helping poor communities in Zambia to grow more food and earn a living using sustainable organic farming techniques such as composting, mulching and producing natural fertilisers, all of which improve soil quality and boost harvests. Many families have been able to double the amount of food they can grow on the same plot of land.

SCIAF Director, Alistair Dutton said: “Many thanks to everyone in Midlothian for supporting our life-changing WEE BOX appeal. Drought, floods and the changing climate are making it much harder for poor families to grow enough food to survive. Money from the WEE BOX appeal will help us provide seeds, tools, livestock and training to help people grow the food they need, earn some money and support themselves in the future. I’d urge everyone to give what they can. Money given to our WEE BOX Lent appeal makes a huge difference.”

Deacon Blue’s Ricky Ross recently visited Zambia to see SCIAF’s work first hand. He said: “It was fantastic to meet families being supported by SCIAF and see how money from Scotland is helping them to change the way they farm so they can grow the food they need and earn an income. Many are now able to send their children to school, pay for medicine, put iron sheeting on the roofs of their homes so they can stay dry, and even buy a solar panel to power a light bulb so their children can do their homework in the evening.

“These are positive and lasting changes which are helping families to work their way out of poverty and have real hope for the future. People in Scotland shouldn’t underestimate the huge difference even small donations to SCIAF’s WEE BOX appeal can make. It really can change lives.”

All donations given to SCIAF between March 1 and April 16 will help SCIAF to reach even more families and help them to build a brighter and more secure future.

To get your own SCIAF WEE BOX or to find out more about the appeal, please visit www.sciaf.org.uk or call 0141 354 5555.