Midlothian’s first electric taxi booked

Frank Martin,  with his first electric taxi.
Frank Martin, with his first electric taxi.

A Penicuik private hire taxi firm hopes to pick up savings as well as passengers after taking delivery of Midlothian’s first electric taxi .

FM Taxis owner Frank Martin has taken advantage of Midlothian Council’s recent approval of electric vehicles. He told the Advertiser that it will cost him £15 to run an electric taxi for the 440 miles a £85 tank of petrol would go.

Mr Martin now has the electric taxi, which he expects to be licensed from next week, to add to his fleet of five conventional taxis.

He said: “With the rise in fuel costs and with Midlothian Council now just six weeks ago allowing these cars, it was a no-brainer. There are no costs. At most charge points it will be free.

“The fuel price was down to 91p and now it’s £1.19 - a massive rise in a short space of time really. It effects our business. The electric cars are more cost effective.

“I can charge it on my own unit and a full charge works out at £3.70, which lasts roughly 130-145 miles. And there are free charge points I can use also. The park and ride has one, as does Penicuik Leisure Centre.

“We are now letting customers know that these cars are here and that there are zero emissions. So not only are we saving money but we are helping the environment.”

Mr Martin added that if the electric taxi works out, he hopes to add a second.