Midlothian Science Festival

Fun scientist session.
Fun scientist session.

This year’s Midlothian Science Festival begins today (Saturday), with over 60 events taking place across the county over the next week.

In this year’s varied programme you can enjoy a Silent Disco with the Y2K, Wizarding school events at Newbattle Abbey College and Gourmet Cooking and Science’ at the Paper Mill.

A night at wizarding school.

A night at wizarding school.

Midlothian Science Festival co-founder and director Sarah Keer-Keer said: “We are very proud and excited to again be sharing the science and innovation that really is on our doorstep. The festival is a great way for us to share science with local people.

“We are a small charity, but think we are also pretty mighty too, working with, reaching and inspiring audiences of all ages across Midlothian. We really hope everyone just comes along and enjoys it.”

The festival also features a series of evening talks, with topics including ‘Happiness in everyday life’ asking what makes us happy and does being happy keep us healthy? This event is on at IKEA on Wednesday (October 10).

And to celebrate 200 years of the Institute of Civil Engineers the festival has a very special talk at Rosslyn Chapel on Tuesday (October 16) with the story of Edinburgh’s amazing contributions to engineering, with specific references to the Chapel itself.

And also new for 2018 is a series of ‘Lates’- fun and interactive sessions for grown-ups only such as a pub quiz, a Night at Wizarding School and local beer and gin tours too.

As in previous years there are family friendly events galore, including ‘Big Fun’ with a slime and science show with Fun Scientists, and an outdoor ‘Fantastic Physics of Fire’ show.

Visit the website to see all events and to book you places – www.midlothiansciencefestival.com