Midlothian violent crime and sex offences on the rise

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Violent crime and sex offences have both risen in Midlothian, while crimes of dishonesty have gone down.

A report in crimes in the county between October through to the end of December last year saw an increase in serious assaults and sex attacks.

Violent crime went up from 83 incidents to 97 over the same period, with  indecent or sexual assaults up from 63 to 78.

Crimes of dishonesty fell from 1,752 in the third quarter of 2018 to 1,422 over the same period last year.

That included falls in house break-ins and attempted break-ins, and a drop in the number of shoplifting incidents reported.

Driving offences were also on the increase, with rises in the number of dangerous driving and drink-driving offences.

A report to go before Midlothian Council’s Police, Fire and Rescue Board next week says sex crimes as a whole went up over 5.2 per cent over the quarter, although there was a 13 per cent fall in rapes and attempted rapes which equated to four fewer victims.

It also acknowledges the increase in violent crimes, at just under 17 per cent, as the most significant, with serious assaults up by 35 per cent.

It says: “We all recognise the impact violence has in our communities and the desire from these communities that we collectively work to make a difference.”