Midlotian MP finds it’s good to talk in Parliament

Midlothian MP Owen Thompson (SNP) during a House of Commons debate
Midlothian MP Owen Thompson (SNP) during a House of Commons debate

Scottish National Party MPs - including Midlothian’s Owen Thompson MP - are working harder than their predecessors, speaking on average twice as often in the House of Commons than the MPs they replaced.

SNP MPs have spoken in an average of 48 sessions since being elected last May. That compares with an average of 24 addressed by their predecessors during their last year in office.

Mr Thompson voted 172 times during his first year, while previous Labour MP David Hamilton voted 153 times in 2014-15. Mr Thompson has spoken in 27 House of Commons debates in 2015-6, while David Hamilton spoke in only five in his final year.

Since his election, Mr Thompson has been primary sponsor of 16 and co-sponsor of 46 EDMs, while signing 437 other EDMs for a total of 499. Over his 15 years as Midlothian’s MP, David Hamilton tabled a mere 23 EDMs - only one in his last five years - while signing just 2 EDMs in his final year as MP.

Mr Thompson added: “It is an honour and a privilege to serve as Midlothian’s MP - one I take very seriously. It is important to be both visible and vocal in my role, to stand up and speak for my Midlothian constituents, especially in these times of continued harsh austerity being pursued by the Tory Government.”