No mirrors or TVs at planned inclusive gym in Gorebridge

Stock gym photo.
Stock gym photo.

A new type of gym which refuses to put mirrors or televisions on its walls is bidding to open in Gorebridge.

CrossFit Luths, which has been launched by trainer Eilidh Harkins, aims to help people of all ages and all abilities through an approach founded in the United States nearly 20 years ago.

The CrossFit regime includes varied exercises from gymnastics to weightlifting which are tailored to all levels of fitness and focus on tackling chronic disease through diet and exercise.

In her application to change the use of part of a former Scottish Co-operative building on Hunterfield Road, from a betting shop to a gym, Eilidh said: “I’m not in the fitness business. I’m in the business of helping people.”

She described the new gym as different because it did not have the traditional trappings of most modern facilities.

She says: “My gym doesn’t have TVs or mirrors on the walls. I play music, but not to the point where we can’t hear each other.

“At my gym we are rooted in community. At my gym everyone knows each other’s names. When members don’t show up, I contact them.

“Everyone is welcome at my gym, there is no starting fitness level, no exclusions based on gender, ethnicity, religion, sexuality or ability.

“Everyone that walks on the door is welcome. CrossFit Luths is a safe space for anyone to come and be part of.”

Eilidh says she hopes the gym will be able to work with local GP services to provide “lifestyle referral programmes” and look at tackling type 2 diabetes with better nutrition programmes and training.

The gym also wants to work with the council to offer membership to carers to allow them to take care of their own health and fitness.

The application for change of use has been published on the planning website for consultation.