Number of youths armed with weapons is cause for concern

Chief Inspector Kenny Simpson, Local Area Commander for Midlothian.
Chief Inspector Kenny Simpson, Local Area Commander for Midlothian.

I regularly raise the subject of antisocial behaviour in Midlothian and a recent spike in incidents of this nature, particularly vandalism, are a cause for concern.

The police look for crime patterns and trends when a problem is identified and this allows me to deploy resources and organise focused patrols to deter and detect offenders. We can also work closely with our partners at Midlothian Council to identify solutions around antisocial behaviour to prevent it occurring, rather than move the culprits to another area.

There have also been incidents, where, youths have been found in possession of weapons whilst in public. While I am pleased that pro-active work by my officers is leading to good results, I’m extremely concerned that anyone, particularly our young generation, feels it acceptable to carry weapons.

Education is the key to prevent this occurring and instilling the values within our youngsters that violence and weapons only lead to more issues. I strongly believe this begins at home and I ask for your help by ensuring that you are aware of where your children are when out and about. It is important that you also ensure they are aware of the dangers associated with the carrying of weapons and consequences of doing so. I can assure everyone, the carrying of weapons will not be tolerated in our community and anyone found doing so will be dealt with robustly.

Alcohol is often at the root of problems and your funded Community Action teams have been running an initiative over the summer months, visiting off-licences to highlight the issue of underage drinking and ensure young people are being challenged when they attempt to buy alcohol. This work will continue and we are committed to reducing the problems associated with underage drinking and drunkenness.

Sadly, people continue to suffer financial loss as a result of fraudulent schemes conducted by telephone.

It is important that people are aware of these scams. If you are in any doubt, please check directly with the agency first before passing any bank details or transferring money.