On the Beat - Action pledge over off-road bikers

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The clocks changed at the end of last month and it looks like spring is arriving, writes Chief Inspector Kenny Simpson.

Most will welcome this as it allows children and adults to spend time in their gardens or out and about and enjoy the better weather and lighter nights.

This means we see groups of kids in the streets and most are just being kids and meeting their friends but others vandalise and damage property and are intimidating to members of the community. This is not acceptable and has an impact on the quality of life of all residents of Midlothian. I would therefore ask parents and carers to help by ensuring they know what their children are doing and, if they appear to be coming home under the influence of alcohol, to challenge their behaviour.

Another form of anti-social behaviour that often increases at this time of year is the use of off road motorbikes, both in fields and parks but also, worryingly, on the streets of our towns. This is very dangerous and could cause serious injury to members of the public and those riding the bikes. To stop this we need people to phone us and report incidents and to pass details of the identities of the riders so we can take action and report those involved.

Spring also means we spend more time in our gardens. I therefore wish to highlight the issues of door step crime and rogue traders. I am sure you will have heard stories of older people and others falling foul of schemes where gardening or building work has been carried out to a very poor standard and it is these kinds of incident I would like to encourage you to be aware of and to help stop in Midlothian.

All reputable callers should wear identification and should be happy to show you it. You should carefully inspect it and the person should allow you time to note any details, don’t be hurried and if you have any doubt at all then don’t let them into your house. If you know anyone who may be more vulnerable through age or other issue please keep an eye on them. In the coming weeks we will running Operation Monarda to target this issue in partnership with Midlothian Council Trading Standards.