Panto fever in Pathhead for another year

Pathhead Players' pantomime production of Sinbad the Sailor.
Pathhead Players' pantomime production of Sinbad the Sailor.

As the Christmas period fades into a distant memory, Pathhead Players are still reliving their time on the stage for their pantomime production of Sinbad the Sailor.

Running for four nights in December, panto-goers seized the opportunity to see this colourful spectacle during its annual run. Visitors from as far away as California and Canada were among just some of the hundreds who travelled to Pathhead to attend this community-based tradition.

Jacqui Doran from Pathhead Players said: “The special effects this year were adventurous and were executed seamlessly by sound and light technicians Graeme Boyd Ellison and Kirsty Wilson, both of whom were spotted singing and dancing along to the community song each night.

“Multiple set changes posed no challenge for backstage manager Helen Gilmore and her well-trained crew. From palace garden scenes to ship scenes, flats were moved silently (almost) and masts placed correctly every time.

“Only once did the banana tree have to be pushed on surreptitiously by a crew member’s shoe!

“Special mention needs to be given to joiner-in-residence Kevin McKeesick who we have to thank for big bird cages, flying carpets and boat sterns. He silently works around Players rehearsing and singing without complaint in the months leading up to opening night.”

Jacqui reserved special praise for the younger Players.

She said:“Our young people are of course the stars of the show. Some are juggling rehearsals with exams and other commitments yet they turn up come hail or shine at rehearsals.

“As a group, we can see confidence growing in our younger members from first table read to opening night and of course, they keep dance moves in their heads much longer than the more senior Players who are placed at the back for good reason!”

All in all the Players were delighted with their 2019 pantomime. Jacqui added: “The story flowed well and the any late entrances or exits by Players were easily forgiven by the audience and mostly by director Jenny Boyd Ellison.

“As tradition would have it, the last night was of particular fun thanks to the back stage crew. In an effort to keep things authentic you understand, the storm scene turned into actors being doused in water from the wings.

“And cloaked back stage crew members found their way onto the stage to the surprise of everyone.

“Lingerie also found its way into Mrs Sinbad’s handbag and it was just through sheer professionalism that this wasn’t thrown out to the audience with the Dairy Milks!

“The Players gelled well as a team and all admitted at the wrap party that they had had a ball.

“Sinbad the Sailor was universally and gratefully received by our most interactive audience to date. The curtain closed each night to well-deserved rapturous applause with the audience vowing to return next year to see what panto is on offer.

“As always, the stage door is always open to new members who wish either to tread boards, work back stage or assist with costumes. Pathhead Players are a welcoming and fun group and are waiting for you to join them in 2020!”

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