Penicuik author returns with sequel

Penicuik author Roddy Smith.
Penicuik author Roddy Smith.

A Penicuik-born author has released the sequel to his debut thriller set in his new home patch.

Roddy Smith’s Black Dog Within is the sequel to 2011’s MacLeod’s Law, a thriller describing criminal activities on a Highland estate.

Roddy, a former school teacher and outdoor pursuits instructor who now lives in the Highlands, revealed that his past work experiences are included in his books.

He said: “I have been very fortunate to meet some very special people, while doing different jobs, and as a consequence of that I have had an interesting life. So I have used that in my writing.

“The first book went well, mostly through word of mouth.

“It’s always difficult when you are writing, you are always a bit worried especially with me being a retired teacher, but so far a lot of people are buying it.

“I left it with the possibility of a sequel and a lot of people asked me if I would do it. I’m very happy with the end product. It’s good to keep the story going with these characters.”

Both books are available from