Penicuik food baskets offer cheer across Midlothian

A young volunteer helps with the organising. Photo by Alan Wilson.
A young volunteer helps with the organising. Photo by Alan Wilson.

More than 300 baskets of Christmas food covered the floor at St Mungo’s church hall in Penicuik on Christmas Eve, ready to feed over 70 families across Midlothian.

This is the fourth year Food Facts Friends have offered Christmas Eve food in addition to its normal Monday opening at Penicuik and Dalkeith, and Friday in Penicuik.

Commenting on Facebook, the foodbank posted: “Thanks to all our volunteers who helped organise and distribute the food.

“Without their help we could not manage the distribution of so much food to so many people. No one who visited went away empty handed.

“Thanks go to Marks and Spencer’s at Straiton and Morningside, Aldi Cameron Toll and Gilmerton, Sainsbury’s Straiton, JB foods Loanhead, McQueen dairies milk, Lidl and Greggs Penicuik, for donating all their end of day perishable food.

“A special thanks to our supporters Bishop’s Move for collecting the food, using the largest removal truck in their Penicuik fleet, and the crew, who loaded and unloaded the truck, as big as a double decker bus. It was full to the roof when it arrived at St Mungo’s church hall. Thanks also to Wilson Laurie landscaping from Auchendinny, whose van also collected from some of the stores.

“Some families, unable to get to Penicuik, received their food parcels by personal delivery. No one deserves to celebrate the birth of Jesus in poverty with no food.

“Over Christmas and New Year we are the only foodbank open in Midlothian. Any time of year is stressful for families unable to put any food on the table. Christmas is no exception, if anything even more challenging.

“Everyone else is feasting, but for those without, it is jam on toast if your lucky.”