Penicuik man’s 860-mile journey to adopt a dog

Keith McCulloch with Bella
Keith McCulloch with Bella

The idea of an 860 mile round trip did little to deter Keith McCulloch in adopting a playful Dobermann from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home in South London. Setting off from his home in Penicuik, Midlothian, Keith made the day-long journey to the world famous rescue centre in Battersea to pick up the nine-month-old dog after she stole his heart.

A life-long rescue dog owner, Keith is experienced with Dobermans.

Last year in November he sadly lost his Dobermann Pinscher and was now ready to welcome another addition to his home.

Keith was looking for one that could take part in working trials - a competitive activity that develops and tests obedience, control, intelligence, agility and fitness in dogs and Bella fitted that description perfectly.

Bella was brought to Battersea after her owner had a sudden change in circumstances. Although she coped well in her two weeks at Battersea, she was ready to start a new life in a loving home.

Keith said: “I’ve always had rescue dogs in my life and Bella is my fourth. I’m so grateful for all the great work Battersea does, so it was a no-brainer to consider getting my next dog from there, in spite of the distance.

“With Bella it’s already been a wonderful experience and I just know it’s going to get even better having her in my life.”

Keith continued: “It’s a long way to drive with a new dog and I was surprised how well Bella coped as she seemed very comfortable in the back of the car on our way home. Around the house she’s been great and has made lots of friends in Penicuik already. She has so much potential, is friendly and wants to socialise – what a fantastic Battersea addition to our family.”

Battersea rehomes dogs and cats all over the UK and beyond, with its animals going to live in the likes of Aberdeen, Orkney, Argyle, Fife, Cornwall, the Channel Islands and even Copenhagen and the south of France.

Battersea’s Director of Communications Dee McIntosh said: “You’d be surprised how many great Scots like Keith go out of their way to rehome from us. I’m proud that Scotland takes our charity so much to their hearts and I’m sure Bella will have a great life and become an honorary Scot in no time!”