Penicuik project launched to help the town flourish

Penicuik Community Development Trust is launching a new project to build on the local good work since the pandemic began in March 2020.

Wednesday, 19th May 2021, 7:00 am
Helping Hands was a group that started during the first lockdown. People got together to tidy up the town of weeds and overhanging bushes.

The project has a working title of ‘Let Penicuik Flourish’, hoping to make a real difference to the local community.

The group’s chairman Reverend Nick Bowry said: “We want Penicuik to flourish and be a resilient community where residents of all ages are able to meet their full potential, where we work together to develop a very strong and capable community that cares for each other and that helps, sustains and supports people.”

Due to Covid the launch will be at 7.30pm on May 28, on Zoom, with further sessions on May 29 at 10.30am and 2.30pm. See for details.

Helping Hands is a great example of a group of people can achieve, an in the process build relationships with others who came out to volunteer.

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Nick added: ““Over the last 15 months we have seen so many people in Penicuik take action to support each other; neighbours have helped each other, voluntary groups have been created and achieved so much that benefits the town, and many people have individually volunteered to do shopping and help out in so many small ways that made a massive positive impact on the lives of others in our community.

"We want to encourage and facilitate individuals and groups to continue supporting each other, and for more people to become involved too.

"An exciting aspect of this project is that we don’t know what people may wish to offer or do together.

"All activities have to be determined and led by citizens, by those best placed to offer their time and skills, in their neighbourhood, to make a positive difference.

"We want to include all who want to get involved, everyone has something to offer, they may just not know what it is.

"Unfortunately, some people may have been told they have nothing to offer by our society, but that isn’t true. We want to see our community become more resilient, and improve where we live, with stronger and constructive relationships across our community.

"PCDT is well-placed to take a lead in this project, with a remit for developing our community through community-led initiatives.”