Penicuik records 2.5 magnitude earthquake as residents report houses shaking and explosion like noise

A 2.5 magnitude earthquake was recorded in Penicuik on Monday morning as residents reported feeling their homes shake for several seconds.

Tuesday, 27th July 2021, 11:43 am
Stock photo of Penicuik town centre.

According to the British Geological Survey (BGS), the earthquake took place just after 10am on July 26, and had a depth of five kilometres and a magnitude of 2.5.

It was felt by dozens of residents in the Penicuik and Howgate area with some reports describing the quake as being “like two sharp jolts” or “a small explosion”, while one person said there was “a large shake” and then a “muffled thump”.

Michelle Birrell, who lives in Vaucluse Place, Penicuik, said: “It literally woke my partner up and then the house was still shaking after he was up. He thought there had been an explosion.”

She added: "It lasted around five or six seconds, or longer maybe, but as far as I know nobody was hurt and nothing was damaged.

"It brought all the residents outside talking, it was kind of like being in a building where trains go by and it rumbles a bit, but there are no train lines close enough to us for that, it’s quite baffling.”

An 2.5 magnitude earthquake is not usually felt but can be recorded by a seismograph according to the BGS.