Police urge vigilance after Dalkeith bank card skimmed

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Police are urging the public to be vigilant after a card-skimming device was reported in Dalkeith.

Around 2.15pm on Sunday, May 29, a man entered his card into an ATM in the High Street.

An error message then appeared, no cash was given and the card wasn’t returned.

Shortly afterwards, he reported it to the bank who advised that there had been further withdrawals from the account since this time.

PC Alannah Langley said: “Always be on the look out for irregularities at ATMs.

“Signs to watch out for include a different colour or material around the card slot, or any parts around the card slot or key pad which may feel loose.

“Hidden cameras have been known to be used to record people entering their PINs, which is why it’s vital that you always cover the key pad. If you’re ever unsure, don’t use the machine and report it to your bank or police.”

Officers are also appealing for anyone who may have seen suspicious activity at an ATM on the High Street around this time to come forward.