Pupils tackle litter and journalism

Gore Glen pupils Tyler Sim and Kayln McNeice (both P3 children) at the Glen.
Gore Glen pupils Tyler Sim and Kayln McNeice (both P3 children) at the Glen.

Trevor Gulam, P3, reports: All the way down to the Glen the class found rubbish on the side of the path.

Trevor Gulam (7) believes the rubbish is being thrown out of cars on Shank Bridge.

Trevor also believes the problem could be solved if dustbins were placed along the paths. The community has to act now.

Ben Docherty – P4, reports: On Thursday, March 22 P3/4 from Gore Glen Primary went on a trip to Gore Glen Country Park and met their worst nightmare.

While they were walking past Shank Bridge they noticed a terrible stack of pollution underneath.

Litter is bad for our environment because birds can mistake it for food. The community need to act now!

Macie Shields – P3, reports: It was a MASSIVE pile or rubbish. The pupils were so shocked. They have been learning about pollution since Christmas and have become experts.

Macie, a girl from P3/4 at the school, believes the pollution is coming from Shank Bridge and people are throwing them from their cars.

Ethan Andueza – P4, reports: At first they did not know where the pollution had come from but soon realised most of it was around Shank Bridge.

People need to build more rubbish bins so people have somewhere to put rubbish.

Ethan, a member of the class said: “The problem can be solved if people don’t throw rubbish on the ground.”