Report on Hillend Junction due next month after survey

Miles Briggs at the notorious Hillend junction.
Miles Briggs at the notorious Hillend junction.

A ‘conflict survey’ has been carried out to analyse the traffic flow at the notorious Hillend Junction, with a report due in late November.

The survey set cameras up at the junction for a week to look at traffic and how many near collisions there were.

A report has been submitted to the Scottish Government for analysis and is due at the end of November.

Lothian List MSP Miles Briggs (Con) said: “Anyone who has used this junction will know just how difficult it is to manoeuvre and how many near accidents happen on a daily basis. It is important to get the results of this survey as soon as possible so that solutions can be put in place for improving safety at the junction.

“There have been a limited number of accidents at the junction, but the junction must be improved before a more serious accident occurs.”