Stay safe on your motorbike says Midlothian MSP

Midlothian South MSP Christine Grahame backs Police Scotland's motorbike safety campaign
Midlothian South MSP Christine Grahame backs Police Scotland's motorbike safety campaign

As brighter days and better weather beckons, bikers are expected to begin taking their machines out of storage and take to the tarmac, possibly for the first time in several months.

To help keep them safe, Police Scotland has launched its annual Motorcycle Safety Campaign, which will run until the autumn.

As part of the campaign, Police Scotland will host a series of special ‘Weekends of Action’.

They will be engaging with bikers to ensure their machines have been properly maintained over the winter and are fit for use, with MoT and insurance cover in place; and assisting riders with guidance and advice on brushing up on riding skills which will inevitably have faded over the winter.

Where offences are committed, they will enforce the law and will not hesitate to pull over anyone who is driving in an irresponsible, anti-social, erratic or illegal manner to keep road users as safe as possible.

Inspector Roger Park of Lothian and Borders road policing unit, said: “Keeping People Safe is the cornerstone of Police Scotland. Motorcycling can be a very enjoyable experience and for many it is an essential way to travel. However, riding a motorcycle has to be kept within sensible bounds.

“We all have a part to play, however, and I would encourage all motorists and members of the public alike to be mindful of the increased numbers of motorcycles on our roads throughout the spring and summer months.

“During this time we also see a significant increase in tourists, recreational vehicles such as caravans and campervans in and agricultural vehicles on our roads, all of which can present hazards to motorcyclists.”

Midlothian South MSP Christine Graham said: “I fully support this campaign as we reach the summer months and the better weather which coincides with the increased motorcycle activity.

“I often see riders on the more rural roads, who are perhaps not fully appreciative of the hazards ahead.”

Motorcyclists make up around one per cent of the motoring public but they account for around 16 per cent of those who die on Scottish roads. Many of the fatalities and serious injuries dealt with occur during cornering or overtaking manoeuvres.