Too fast and we’re furious

Barleyknowe Road in Gorebridge.
Barleyknowe Road in Gorebridge.

People living on a Gorebridge road hit by speeding issues are calling for help, saying it is only a matter of time before someone is killed.

Dozens of angry neighbours from Barleyknowe Road attended last week’s meeting of Gorebridge Community Council to seek support and vent their fury.

The road on the edge of the village used to have a 60mph speed limit in certain places but with so many new homes built in recent years it has all been 30mph for around six years.

The community council agreed to support the residents, while the two Midlothian councillors in attendance promised to speak to the Midlothian Council’s roads department about monitoring the road in a bid to get speed calming measures approved.

Jamie Barr, who led the residents at the meeting, said: “The volume of traffic has increased as has the speed. It’s not a road anymore it’s a highway. And at this time of year it’s full of boy racers. It’s awful, someone is going to get killed.”

He added that previous speed monitoring on the street was not thorough enough.

Other residents who had contacted the council in the past about the issue felt they had not been listened to. They called for better signage, lighting and speed reducing measures. They also raised concern about the safety of walking on the pavement and getting out of their drives.

Particular problems regarding sightlines caused by a recent road readjustment at the new Taylor Wimpey estate were also raised.

Local councillor Jim Muirhead (Lab) reassured residents that there is council money available for speed reducing measures and said he will speak to the roads department.

Cllr Johnstone added that she and Cllr Muirhead looked into the matter last year but a survey found no need for speed reducing measures.

Gorebridge Community Council chairman Trevor Taylor promised to write to Midlothian Council calling for a survey of the road and better signage. He also urged residents to report speeding drivers, adding: “Everybody has to do their bit.”

A spokesman for Midlothian Council said monitoring will take place later this year at the bend near the new estate and further down just beyond the Wilson Road junction. The spokesman added that historic accident data shows there is no issue on the road, but said: “If there is a speeding problem identified during our monitoring then this would be a matter for the police. Midlothian Council also, in line with national priorities, allocates spending to areas where it seeks to reduce accident casualties.”