Top Midlothian boy’s and girl’s names revealed

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The top names for babies born this year in Midlothian have been revealed.

The top boy’s name across the county was Jack, closely followed by Brodie. While the top girl’s name was a tie between Ava, Rosie and Sophie.

There were nine boys born Jack this year in Midlothian, and also nine of each of the top girl’s names.

Jack and Olivia were the most popular names in Scotland.

NRS registered the births of 23,955 boys and 22,568 girls in the period covered by these figures. Parents chose 3,370 different first forenames for boys and 4,095 different first forenames for girls. In total, 2,138 boys and 2,668 girls were given first forenames that were unique. Per 100 babies, the numbers of different names and of unique names were well above the levels of 10 years and, much more so, 40 years ago. For example, the percentage of boys with unique first forenames was greater this year (8.9 per cent, in the period covered by these figures) than in the whole of 2009 (6.7 per cent) and 1979 (2.3 per cent).

Culture Secretary Fiona Hyslop MSP said: “It is always a pleasure to read the top baby names of the year, which give an insight into one of the most cherished moments in every parent’s life.

“While Olivia and Jack have shown their enduring appeal by retaining the top spot yet again, it’s interesting to see newer entries such as Ayla and Hallie in the Top 50.”

Alan Ferrier, head of demographic statistics at National Records of Scotland, said: “Once again Jack and Olivia are the most popular first names in Scotland, however, there have been some fascinating changes in the top names for 2019.

“The fastest climbers in the boys’ Top 50 are Tommy and Arthur. Tommy is up 41 places to 48th and Arthur is up 20 places to 26th. For the girls, the big climbers are Gracie, Ayla and Hallie, who are now all in the Top 50.

“Jackson had the biggest fall in popularity for the boys names in the top 100, dropping 20 places to 79th, and for the girls it was Cara, down 31 places to joint 96th.”