Town centre plan gets started

SBMA Mayfield Town Centre''Robert Hogg with Steven Liddell & J Thomson
SBMA Mayfield Town Centre''Robert Hogg with Steven Liddell & J Thomson

The community-led group behind a masterplan to transform Mayfield town centre has secured the funding to start the first part of the process.

The ‘In it Together’ group includes Mayfield and Easthouses Community Council, Mayfield and Easthouses Development Trust, Mayfield Y2K, Newbattle Church and McSence. It has secured funding of £14,000 from Community Ownership Support Scotland and the Community Planning Partnership, for the first phase of the Mayfield Town Centre Renewal Project.

Speaking at his group’s latest meeting last week, Mayfield and Easthouses Community Council member Stephen Liddell said: “This is a unique project, community led with support from the council - assisting us in any way they can to provide us with advice and expertise where needed.

“I guess the council has no money to build a town centre so we have not only got to come up with the idea but raise the money. When this happens it will be unique in Scotland.”

Chairman Robert Hogg added: “If we are going to sit back and wait on the council then we will be waiting forever due to cut backs.

“What we are trying to do is for the good of the community. Hopefully we are doing it right. Now we will consult with the community.

“We are not silly. We know pressure will be on to cut services, pressure on our leisure centre, library. So we have got to try to keep ahead of the game and take leadership.”