Trust resignations shock for Gorebridge

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Four of the seven trustees at Gorebridge Community Development Trust (GCDT) resigned last week in response to criticism about the soon to be opened Gorebridge Beacon.

The trust has been steering the delivery of the community hub. However, “public harassment” has led to Archie Pacey, Stephanie Walker, Liz Gray and Laura Adamson walking away. While a fifth trustee, Rod Lugg, is also leaving on November 26, as previously planned. This leaves just Andrew Bathgate and Robbie Laird on the board.

In a joint statement the four trustees, who quit last week, said: “This should be a moment for celebrating an enormous achievement for Gorebridge. Instead we are struggling with a divided board. The trust chairperson has been subjected to vicious verbal assault and trustees have suffered unwarranted public harassment and bullying. We no longer have the mutual trust and respect that are so vital for co-operative working together. Our board can no longer function as it should.

“It is for this reason that a number of trustees are resigning, leaving the way clear to their detractors to take responsibility for the continuing successful operation of GCDT and the Gorebridge Beacon.”

GCDT trustee Robbie Laird said: “We are working hard to ensure that the best interests of the charity and the community are met at this time. A new board is currently being appointed and all relevant stakeholders have been informed.”