Turning a page on mental health

Paula Smith, released her first book on struggles with mental illness.
Paula Smith, released her first book on struggles with mental illness.

A Dalkeith woman has revealed that writing her debut novel about mental health has helped her deal with her own struggles with the condition.

Paula Smith (42), a full time mum with four voluntary jobs, has just released her first book - An Inward Glance - telling the story of her battle with depression after the birth of her second child in 2006.

She said: “I had a lot on and the accumulation of all that set me off. That has been 11 years of suffering.

“I think in the past couple of months I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The book has helped. Writing it was very therapeutic. All my support had been withdrawn so writing the book was almost self therapy.

“As soon as I started to write and get it out I found it quite revealing about myself. I didn’t realise that point in my life was so significant, it really opened my eyes. It’s like a memoir, rather than chapters there are small passages and I go back and forth in my life.”

Paula now hopes that her labour of love will help others.

She said: “I would like people that have suffered from mental illness or know somebody that has to take something from this personal journey. I wanted to provide a personal insight.

“I want to share this and raise mental health awareness. I think that’s really important as there is still a stigma out there. Especially about depression.”

An Inward Glance by Paula Smith is available now from Novum and Amazon.